Yesterday was a Fact, Tomorrow is a Myth But Today is the Truth.

In the previous post I just conveyed the thought of why you should spend time for yourself.We found some reasons why regular doses of solitude is vital in our daily life. I also asked you the Brad Pitt’s question -How’s that working out for you? I hope you may have arrived at an answer, if not take your time to sit back and think about it in depth. The reason, why it is the first thing to do is, every sort of effective change begins with a decision. You may be thinking that I have made several decisions during different…


How’s That Working Out For You?

It was literally a few weeks ago that I wrote my first blog post to welcome you guys to my blog. But I know it really took a while to write this post which is the second one. You may ask me why? Well, I took my time to actually decide my niche for this blog and to determine my intentions of running this blog. In those past weeks I jot down many thoughts and intentions in my bullet journal. So, let’s here are the reasons that I finally concluded- To discuss about how it is like to live a…

hello there

Hello Out There!

This is my first entry to my blog for leading a meaning and valuable life in an increasingly distracted digital world. If you are reading this I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am Hari Krishnan and I am a freelance web developer and a computer science student as well. For the past few months I have been seriously thinking about how much our attention and the quality of our life is manipulated by our present digitally distracted age. I have seen people unable to perform meaningful, productive and valuable work during these times. I believe that…