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Read This Before You Set Your New Year Resolutions.

I was taking a nap in the afternoon. During the middle of the nap, one of my friends called me. The interesting thing is he was asking for a link to an online web development course which I took almost an year ago. That was quite surprising for me because he wasn’t the one who usually go for such things like taking an online course to really learn something intentionally! I send him the link and wished him success with his surprisingly new endeavour. I really liked his intention to do something new. I don’t know whether it was his…
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Most Career Advice Suck!

Most career advice suck! It’s a fact! Why? Most of such advice is centered around two things Follow your passion Connecting to a network and using it for job opportunities As you may have already familiar from my previous posts “follow your passion is crappy advice”. May be such an advice is too much old for this generation. In the past, during the generation of our parents, loyalty was rewarded more. They maintained loyalty with just a single firm to have a lifelong employment. If you do some case studies, most of your parent’s generation may have worked for a…
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Tradable Passion – What If People Don’t Care Your Passion?

This week we have been discussing the myths of follow your passion adage. A great recent work that focus on busting this fallacy of passion is Cal Newport’s So Good They Can’t Ignore You. It’s a best seller and a notable, fascinating may be a crucial work on the topic of leveraging meaningful work. The book focuses on becoming excellent at what you do and how to trade that value in the new economy. This is the point that I’m interested in this article. Passion vs. Jobs We all may feel that most people are doing the work they are…
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Develop A Passion Instead Of Following One- A Recent Stanford Research

The subject for this week is passion and it’s discontents. If you are new to my blog, you can find the previous two articles on this topic over here and here. For those who have been following me might have understood that, “follow your passion” in most of the cases is a bad advice. With many of the case studies we can prove that not everyone who followed their passion ended up in doing that passion. The first question that I like to ask is “why you are following your passion?” The only answer is, when you are doing something…
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The Pressure And Passion Trap At The Age Of 20

First of all I will turn 20 on 8th of the next month(For the friend who asked when is my birthday). Ahem, it’s sort of an achievement! Completing 20 years and don’t know whether I could travel a long road. But I have faith and I am truly optimistic about my coming days(I have to be anyway!). I am very young and vibrant in my physique and most importantly in my thought and mindset as well. There is a long road ahead but to be honest I don’t feel pressured about how I would end up with things. But there…
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The King Of Your Own Kingdom- A Weekend Thought

This is the weekend thought! The Great Restructuring is happening and it is true. It is a revolution. A revolution that never happened before. Everyone with a few money to pay for an internet plan and a screen to serve that, can connect to a half of the people around the world, any time they want to. We live in an era where we each have a great leverage and great platform that no human ever had before. Despite what media spreads, the world is not in a sorry state. There is so much out there to look forward to.…
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End Of Regionalism. Are You A Superstar?

We were discussing about the three categories of people who could thrive in the new economy as the industrial age is shattering. Those who have access to capital are clear winners but not everyone are that much fortunate! As I said before in another article, making a difference by connecting with your tribe is the most creative and self satisfying way for someone to achieve success in the connection economy. For a capitalist, there is less room for building such a connection and making a difference as there is no necessity for them to do like that. But the other…
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The Next Big Thing Myth.
Waiting For the Right Idea

As usual, some of my friends didn’t agree with the idea in my previous post. The part were people had the disagreement was when I said – you might fail if you are looking to build the next facebook or google. They justified their arguments by sending me the counter examples of some shopping brands and conglomerates who were successful after the tech giants. Anyway it really helped me to figure out a big myth the young people like me who grew up in a time when platform monopolies like Facebook or google were so dominant that they seemed inextricably…

connection economy
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The Game Has Changed!
Getting Ahead of The New Economy!

I ended up the previous article by saying connection and trust are the new winning strategies for life and business. There is so much more to say about it since there is a new economy which is building up on the grounds of connection. Anything and everything you need to know to be successful and be a winner in this economy is to understand the working of this new economy. These are the powerful ideas that can help you, if you want to get ahead of the game! So you won’t regret, you should have known these things before you…

friendship day
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Do You Need New Friends or More Friends?
Thoughts On Friendship Day

I received many messages from my friends yesterday and also in today’s morning, wishing me a happy friendship day!. I wished them back and shared some love over there! The status bars in the chat apps filled with people’s joy of having friends in their lives. Many of my friends posted pictures of their friends with some usual smileys. I really loved the fact that how much of a concern people have for friendship. Some guys had posts that say they don’t need any special day for it, since everyday they share a friendship with someone!But what surprised me is,…

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Why I Blog Every Single Day?
Why You Should Too?

Back in this month I published a small ebook on why everyone should start a blog.Well, it never talks about those usual reasons to start a blog which you can find within a google search. It was some 10 indispensable reasons I proposed in that short ebook. That’s why I phrased the ebook title as 10 unconventional reasons. Some of my friends in college told me the book has a pretty good philosophical standard in its writing and those 10 reasons where comparisons with social media and a normal blog. It differentiates your blog by telling blogging is more of…