Sunday Inception: Legacy is Not Built by The Initiator

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Uttered the first man who landed on the moon. For mankind to land on the moon was a transcendent endeavour ever set out.

We do love who take the initiative. We appreciate new endeavours. We glorify a new invention. We remember the names of those who did it for the first time.

But what is left unsung is those who maintain the glory. Somehow it appears that we overvalue the beginnings of an action rather than how the action is pursued in the long run.

A dozen men have walked on the moon. But no one ever did it twice. Also, an achievement we thought ahead of its time hasn’t happened then.

The early love is seen in every adventure of human life. The inauguration of a government project is celebrated more than its anniversary. We ribbon-cut a new road and not for its repaving. A new friendship is always looked for rather than checking the old ones. Everything is fun when it’s new.

Whenever you start a new habit, it would look like as life-changing. But become fatal after one week.

Novelty fuels motivation. When the novelty begins to disappear, the motivation disperses to look for some other novelty. You end up starting projects or habits but never reaching what you set out for every time.

An initiative is great. It’s always a giant leap. But the legacy is built by those who follow the trailblazers. The ones who follow through what they once set out to do.


Sunday inception is short and concise ideas that are published on every Sunday. The inception of a small thought.

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