Sunday Inception: Possibilities Amid The Perils

From the zenith afar, with its vertical ray­

Shines the sun in its splendor, the glory of day.

Tho ‘ dark clouds should arise to bedim its clear light,

They are scattered away by its power and might.

POEMS, BY John M. Morse

The universe is neutral and reality is neutral. How our mind interprets the reality is what makes it a limitation or a possibility.

The world is going through a challenging time and is tired and anxious about the pandemic. Our present and the future are at stakes. But for the millennials, this is new. They never faced a world war or a famine. They only had stories about them.

If you look at the milestones in history, the world was always defined by the great challenges it faced. The greatest of human achievements and glories may never have happened if it wasn’t to fight our wars at times. The difficulties brought us glory.

A superhero is celebrated by how terrifying the villain he fights. Change or success never happens without fighting a challenging villain. If it was a straight road of growth, it would have been easier for everyone to live this life, and life isn’t a straight path of growth. You don’t make a change without taking a challenge that is beyond what your mind expect you to.

Of course, the pandemic isn’t easy. But you might have faced the same degree of anxiety at a different situation in your past. Most times it isn’t the massiveness of the problem that terrifies us, but how we interpret the problem is what makes it more horrible. It’s not what perils you are going through but how you take it is what defines the degree of the pain you feel.

Life will constantly test you. As WHO says the pandemic may exist around for a much longer time. But even if there was no pandemic, difficult times will always happen to you.

The good news is, all these will be over and it will certainly pass. At least, your mind will constantly try to melt away your anxieties because it needs to survive. As I said before, your mind is the one that reasons how you feel about your problems.

Why some governments are managing the pandemic better than others. The reason, some can carry the problem in a better way.

Possibilities exist in the darkest of times. What are the possibilities you have even if you’re staying at home?

Maybe it’s the best time to shift the paradigm of your life. You may never get a time like this when you can make use of uninterrupted focus. Maybe it’s the time to learn, read, change your body, or just improve anything about you.

Most people focus on what they can’t control. It’s easier to get depressed by the news you watch on television than to put your time to learn a hard skill for your life.

It’s time to train yourself to focus on what you can control and not focus on what you can’t control.

What does it take to switch our focus from perils to possibilities?

A decision. An absolute decision.

You already have everything you need but you just need to know where to look. Now, where you’re going to focus? Is it to the limitations or to the possibilities?


Sunday inception is short and concise ideas that are published on every Sunday. The inception of a small thought.

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