Sunday Inception: A Mind Craves Challenges

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

A mind always craves for something challenging to do. It could be anything that embarrasses you. We all have a vision of ourselves that may not be the exact you at this moment. But the vision is always there. The mind knows this and it often makes you remember that – by proposing a new challenge to you.

Every single man ever born, at some point in their lifetime might have thought – “Oh, it could be interesting If I do that”. Some people can pay attention to that voice and may follow through. Some others may pay attention but get lost in the silliness of an easy life.

The mind may love to sit back and watch all the YouTube stuff or get drown in the entertainment of the internet. But don’t lie that, it was your same mind at a point thought that – “It’s all meaningless and I want to do something worth to me”.

Those who have done something challenging knows that it will set you on a new path, a new perception of yourself and more satisfying than your older self. Living inside a well as a slave to every entertainment and easiness around and saying “yes” to everything, you may never experience that.

It was embarrassing to me when I wrote the first blog post. It still is a challenge and not something I enjoy very much. I have to sit back and get the idea on a piece of paper and then type it on the screen and make edits and image processing. Even after that, I have to share it with people. But it feels more satisfying than ending the day by mindlessly consuming the numbing effect of social media or the internet.

It may be the genes of thousands of generations lived before us who made things with their hands and gone through the fire of by living a hard life throwing such challenging thoughts in us. They had to listen to their mind’s crave to take a challenge. Naturally, they created every marvellous thing that we enjoy in this modern world. Now, what marvels are we providing to the next generation?

There is no end to that voice in our head – “take that new challenge”. How much we try to silence it, it will always reappear. In our adulthood as an inspiration and if silenced as regret in our old age.


Sunday inception is short and concise ideas that are published on every Sunday. The inception of a small thought.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Inception: A Mind Craves Challenges

  1. I really like all your blogs. Every blog has something special. I appreciate your work man.
    You are great.
    We are expecting more from you as you have that calibre.

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad the blogs are connecting with you at some level. I hope I bring such content in future also. Thank you for taking your time to appreciate the blog.

  2. It’s very interesting to read. Keep this spirit throughout your life. We are expecting more such posts. Our support is always with you❣️

    1. Thank you, Sneja. You can expect more such posts in future also. Amazing people like you is what motivates me to write. Thank you once again for being a great support for me and this blog.

    1. Thank you, Saraswathy. You’re such a great friend of mine. Glad that you are able to find my blog posts as interesting. Your support is valuable for me to continue this blog. I appreciate you for taking the time to read it.

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