It’s Time to Stop Chasing Dreams

Those who have watched the 2010 sci-fi thriller movie Inception would remember this scene. In the above scene, the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is spinning a top to check whether he is still in a dream or returned to actual reality.

What that scene put forward is a fundamental thing that we all are neglecting while chasing our dreams – which is the reality.

Somewhere down the lane of human progress, we forgot that reality is important, and it matters.

How We Insulted Reality?

When humanity moved along many milestones, we used to respect and improve our reality. The reality was flourishing as our dreams when we invented the printing press and landed on the moon in 1969. But later, as we progressed more, we started to replace our realities with virtual realities or dreams itself.

Take the example of what we are going through right now. We all are in the middle of a terrifying moment in human history. If you think coronavirus is the only reason for the spread of the pandemic, you may have mistaken. The scale of struggle that many countries are facing is depended on many other internal issues that we had before. Or those problems aggravated the impact of the pandemic.

Income inequality, corrupt governments, lack of social responsibility, weak healthcare systems, racism, and warfare were many of the problems that the world was facing before COVID 19. The fact that it is the same world that has progressed to a high degree in terms of technology infrastructure is struggling at this level is an absurdity.

The millennial generation has thought that once we talk about our problems by building large communication infrastructures and connecting people around the world, the problems will go away. Billions of dollars are invested in many Silicon Valley tech companies to strengthen online communication systems.

We are slowly learning the fact that even with all the technology we say we have, we could be struck very hard that a world lived in an analog world never faced.

Why is that?

Solving any problems or achieving any dreams would require respect for reality. For the past couple of years, we developed and used technology to replace those realities with something virtual or with another dream state, as in the movie Inception. Insulting reality and replacing it with dreams would not gear us towards solving problems or achieving actual dreams.

Reality Matters in The End

The moment you are right now, the screen on which you are reading this, the table or chair near you, the family near you, the nature outside your home is the reality. Whatever we aspire to achieve in life is to make our reality better. But we forget that often. This very moment is the moment of action we all have. By neglecting it to skim through social media or binge-watching, any random tv-series wouldn’t help us to reach anywhere in real life.

We all tend to use smartphones while sitting around with family or friends and neglect making real-life conversations with them. That has replaced the actual reality of making meaningful ties. Yet we all wail about not having meaningful relations in our lives. Why?

Reality matters to us in the end.

Before the pandemic, many people wanted a free day where they can sit back and use social media all day or play video games as much as they wished. But right now, we are getting bored about living through those virtual realities or dreams. We crave for the reality of getting outside our homes and meeting people in real. Why?

Reality matters to us in the end.

Many applications were once built to introduce online education. Many might have gained a considerable amount of knowledge from it. We all thought it was revolutionary. They were making education accessible to anyone from anywhere as a replacement to the traditional education systems. But right now, amid the pandemic, we realize how ineffective is that in making an effective change among a large student community. Every student today wants to go back to their schools and colleges to study and meet their friends. The reality of going to schools and colleges will never be less relevant. Why?

Reality matters to us in the end.

Documenting everything in one’s life has kind of become a habit for many these days. Every journey, every adventure, every people they meet, every food they eat, and everything in one’s daily life was something for them to like, share, and subscribe to. But right now, when everyone is locked down in their homes, they are feeling the scarcity of reality in their life to document more. Why? You might now the answer by far – Reality matters.

Never Neglect The Fundamentals

Everything that we built in this world or chase is a subset of reality. Virtual realities or abstractions or dreams that we tend to live in are just the subsets of reality. How much we avoid or run from it, one fact will never change- reality never transcends. Either we deal with it or not, reality will deal with us.

Whoever is a believer in making a change to the world, should never neglect the fundamentals. If one wants to become a great mathematician, it’s inevitable to learn the multiplication table. If one aspires to become a filmmaker, he should learn the basics of film editing and everything else involved. To reach a much wider audience with my blog, I should know how a website works, and little knowledge of HTML is essential. The same principle applies to anyone in any field if he intends to produce at an elite level and make any effective change.

To put it simply, to make meaningful communications texting someone may not be the answer, we should go back to the fundamentals of communication- which is speaking and writing. The fundamentals never change or transcend, and it’s the only reality that exists to make any change.

Connect Your Dreams to The Present

Reality is anything and everything that you are surrounded and provided with at this moment. Whatever goal or dream we have, to work for it, all we have is our options at this present moment- things which are real. Tieing our ideas to the present reality is the essential step to achieve them later. What I mean by present is not this day, this month or this year, it’s is this exact moment in time. That is our reality.

If we don’t have the roots in the present, there will not be any trees in the future. How much we skip, and the depth at which we skip reality and go through anything virtual will only keep our dreams at bay.

To give an example, ordering a pair of running shoes online instead of actually running at this moment would make us feel the same as we did something positive. Both actions would seem similar in context but are not the same experience. We tend to confuse such abstract efforts with actual experiences of reality. Choosing reality at this moment is the best option if we want to achieve our dreams.

Stop Chasing Dreams, Chase Reality

Reality cannot be replaced with virtual reality. Every new-age technology was trying to replace reality. We were seeking everything virtual around us instead of respecting reality. Technology should not be used to replace our reality but instead, improve reality.

Whenever we choose anything virtual to pass our time like looking for new social-media notifications, remember the following facts about reality.

  • Everything you do is a subset of reality. Nothing can overlap reality.
  • Reality never transcends. It won’t go away how much you neglect.
  • Reality wants you to learn the fundamentals if you intend to produce at an elite level.
  • Chase and seek reality all the time to build the foundation of our dreams.
  • Finally, reality matters. Or it’s the only thing that matters.

People often go for the advice of chasing your dreams. But the truth is you can’t pursue something that yet not happened to you or is not real at this moment. You can only chase the options you’re given with at this moment- which is reality. Chase reality not at the expense of our dreams but as the foundation of our dreams.