Take a Pause Challenge. #noscreensaturday

Before jumping into anything I like to ask you, what day is today?


If you took more than 3 seconds to answer that, you are a completely normal person. I couldn’t answer that question a few days ago. That’s how tough and interesting these times are. The last time I checked, the pandemic has already taken down the lives of more than 50,000 people around the globe. Governments and organizations among all the countries are striving to reduce the virus-spread and the death rate of people.

We have been staying in our homes for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to the internet service providers as they are keeping us busy on NetFlix and social-media. We all are busy as we don’t have the time to look at which day it is or nobody cares.

If you give someone a choice between getting COVID 19 and no wifi at all, unfortunately, most of us would choose option one. That’s how much we are getting dependent on these digital platforms.

Is there any problem with staying online 24/7?

There is no problem in consuming the internet 24/7 and switching back and forth between your social media accounts or watching that new television series on NetFlix. There are some studies saying people could get addicted to social media or the internet itself. It could be true but not something that I discuss here on my blog.

What I’m interested in are the choices that people make. Like I asked before, if someone is given an option between a deadly virus and no wifi and they are picking the former one, then I feel there is a problem.

There is a problem when you accept the general notion of the public – that is you have nothing else to do the whole day in quarantine and consume the internet like everyone else is doing. When you accept that without even thinking what it means to you, I say it’s complacency.

For most people, they may have nothing else to do than going back and forth between their social media accounts. Does it have to be the same for you also? Or did you become complacent enough to not look into your workable situations of life? Or your life is that empty?

If you have accepted a shallow life then this article doesn’t help you.

But if you are a person who is seeking depth and need more meaning in what you are doing with your life, then you have to pause your all-day digital consumption.

What is it like to have meaning in your life?

Having meaning in your life implies one thing – you already know what matters most to you and you’re laser-focused on that. It involves figuring out what matters to you in terms of your family, friendships, work, health, and spirit. It leads to deep life.

If someone wants to go deep he needs to be laser-focused on things that matter the most.


You are given a certain amount of time and energy in your life. It’s a finite source. You should be best-off using that energy that moves the needle of your life.

Achieving this goal involves three things

  • Do a few things in life
  • Do them better
  • Know why you’re doing them

The above philosophy works for anything in our lives. Whether it’s friendship or relationships, your skills at your work or anything. A single best friend is better than 100 Facebook friends or being extremely good at any skill of your work is better than being average at everything.

How to establish a deep life?

A deep life is a daily ritual. You have a certain time in a day where you work on any particular task with utmost concentration. In that particular time, you keep your environment distraction-free. Once that time is ended you are free for other activities. During this time you can plan a certain time for using your digital devices and consuming the internet. You can use this time to get yourself updated about the COVID 19 news and notifications from the government. So you won’t be missing out anything important.

Here’s a challenge for you.

If you’re serious about what you’re reading here why not take any action. If you’re someone who feels what I’m saying could have a positive impact on your life, then let’s take action.

Let’s experiment with the deep-life. The challenge is not to consume any social media (or anything in particular, that you’re using to escape time) from tomorrow morning to evening. You can make use of that time to do any analogue activities. It could be as simple as spending time with your family, learning any skill, doing any outdoor activity or as simple as cooking a new recipe. Use your phones only for calling or text messaging. Observe how you feel about it. By evening you can take your phones and do whatever you normally do.

Take this as a one day challenge, I would like to know about your day and how you felt. I will be happy to share those experiences here.

You can share your experiences at mail@harikrishnan.dev

Photo by Mohamed Sarim from Pexels