Do Something Now. The Endless Loop of Motivation

Few people commented that the articles that I wrote were good and I would like to thank them for their appreciation. Few others were asking some of my friends who am I? Who is this guy writing about this life theories? What is my motivation and how am I getting motivated to write this blog? Answer to the former question is simple – “I’m nobody”.

As I was thinking about the answers to the other questions, I found that it all began with a summer evening two years back, when I decided to “do something”.

I was never motivated to start a website and write. It wasn’t my interest at all.

When I deleted my social media accounts two years back, I was left with immense time. But I had nothing to do at all. I was in a need of filling that void. So out of curiosity, I did learn an online web development course and I created a website and hosted it on (that was my website URL on those days).

Then I had a website with no special content on it. So in April 2018, I decided to write my first post titled “Hello out there“. I continued to write articles in that whole year. Nobody was reading my posts on those days. In 2019, my domain( was expired. But the fact that I had written almost 20 articles in that year motivated me to continue my website.

In reality, I decided to “do something” on those days and it kept me on my journey towards writing this 29th blog post.

So to answer the question of my motivation – here’s what I found from my experience with this website.

People often think motivation work like this –

Inspiration → Motivation → Action

Your inspiration motivates you to take action and it leads to some results.

But what I learned is that the above chain of motivation is an endless loop.

Inspiration → Motivation → Action → Inspiration → Motivation → Action → …

By taking advantage of this loop one can get motivated by just taking an action or in other words – doing something. So we can reorient the loop like this –

Action → Inspiration → Motivation

It turns out that waiting for inspiration is not necessary for someone to have any motivation. He can get motivated by just taking any action. The action will lead to the inspiration and the loop will act as a source of continuous motivation. Harnessing the reaction to an action is the key.

What I found is that when I did something, even the smallest of actions like writing a silly first blog article, it soon gave me the motivation to do something else. I felt, “OK, I did that, I guess I can do more.” And slowly I took it from there.

It’s important to note that having a distraction-free environment is helpful to take such decisions. When you have zero distractions, you are left with a void and filling that void with meaningful work becomes important for you. It leads you to take action.

This endless loop of motivation is a channel for someone to learn a hard skill or to make any important change in his life.

So these are the moments where you can learn any skills or make an important change in your life. Rather than turning away from the action or looking for inspiration, you turn towards the problem and do something, as a source of motivation itself. Then let the endless loop of motivation carry you throughout your journey towards excellence.

Photo by Ihsan Aditya from Pexels