Are You Preparing to Thrive in The New Economy? More on Embracing Deep Life.

Yesterday I wrote an article on why someone should embrace a deep life and why these are the best times to do so. In that article, I was just jotting down a few introductory levels of ideas about deep life. For most people, it would appear that deep life is more about avoiding distractions and improving productivity. It certainly is that but there is more. For me, a deep life is an inevitable skill if someone wants to thrive in the future economy.

It was back in 2018 that I was first introduced to deep life after reading the book deep work. One thing that fascinated me to embrace that lifestyle was understanding how powerful the outcomes of deep life are.

One of the outcomes of deep life was an answer to a question that I had and most probably every aspiring young individual will have –

How good my future would be? Will I be successful or not?

Well, according to deep life that answer comes down to two questions.

  • Can you learn hard things quickly?
  • Can you produce at an elite level in your work?

If someone can answer “yes” to both of those questions he will thrive in the future economy. Not just thrive but he will be rare and valuable. If the answer was “no”, don’t worry, it’s not too late to begin, read on…

Pick a hard skill for you to begin with. By hard skill I mean, anything that you have zero or little knowledge or something you are currently trying to learn or something that you believe you always wanted to learn.

When you put yourself in a situation where you are really bad at something, it’s really good for you. It’s good to be bad at things and try to get better at them. When you learn how to do something you are bad at it first, you have to concentrate on getting better, that thing of getting better translates to other aspects of your life. If you can get good at learning how to play the guitar you can get good at programming. There’s a thing in there of learning how to learn.

It only takes several weeks of deliberate practice to learn a hard skill.

Why deliberate practice works?

By focusing intensely on a specific skill, you’re focusing the specific relevant neural circuits to fire, again and again. The repetitive use of a specific circuit triggers cells called oligodendrocytes to begin wrapping layers of myelin around those neural circuits, thus establishing the skill.

It’s important to note that you have to learn the skill in isolation, which means you shouldn’t learn a skill with your Instagram account open on your phone. By doing so, you will be firing too many circuits simultaneously and the relevant neuron will not strengthen. This is where the deep life strategy of zero distractions becomes relevant.

Once you master a hard skill, you are capable of learning more and more skills quickly. The thing about the future is it’s competitive. You cannot become a one-trick pony for the rest of your life. Every year the world is getting updated with new technologies. The quicker you can learn that update, the better you thrive in the new economy.

How much are you preparing to thrive in the new economy?

Photo by Aditya Agarwal from Pexels