Here You’re Amid the Pandemic. What are You Going to Do About it?

First of all, I want to thank you for taking your valuable time to read this article from your daily scheduled social-media, scrolling newsfeeds, watching that NetFlix series or the new movie on prime video, playing that video-game or whatever you are doing all day amid the crisis that the world is facing. Whatever you’re doing is saving this world, if you are keeping a personal distance of 6 feet from another human being. I like to appreciate that. It’s never been a great time to do all those aforesaid fun activities by laying down on your couch all day. It’s a wonderful time for people in terms of that and also on the other side human-race is facing an extinction-level of events. This is an irony or what?

The panic is real as the pandemic is deadly. Even the countries with the best health systems are under deep stress due to the coronavirus outbreak with medical professionals expecting thousands of patients in need of urgent care in the coming days, where every inch of space available is being converted into hospitals. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the statistics of these unfortunate events.

What I’m concerned about is what the human race would have achieved when everything is over and the pandemic is completely wiped out?

More number of followers on each and everyone’s Instagram? Finished NetFlix? Trained to scroll through our mobile phones for no reason at all? Complete ignorance about whether it’s a Sunday or Monday or don’t even care? Completely overthrown biological systems of the human body and mind? Lack of sleep or healthy workouts? A collapsed world economy? Reduced productivity systems?

To be honest, I’m worried about the lifestyle followed by the people staying at home. They won’t be spreading virus right now, but it could possibly affect the productivity systems of the society once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Or else, we can all use this time to focus on several aspects of our lives.


I always searched for answers for leading a meaningful and better life. I found that, it all comes down to this

– “A focused and deep life“.

It’s a lifestyle harnessed by the top guys in every creative field. From Isaac Newton to Bill Gates, from Wright Brothers to Tom Cruise, they all knew this.

what is a deep life?

A deep life is an essential skill that needs to be developed if one intends to lead a more meaningful and more creative life. The one who practices a deep life knows what matters the most for him. He will be intentional about it. It’s all about training our cognitive power to be more focused on things that matter the most. He doesn’t spend time on all-day social-media distractions. He doesn’t multitask between Instagram and serious office work. He will be intentionally working on a skill or any cognitive work for an uninterrupted period of time, every single day. It’s a ritual for a more meaningful life that produces an outstanding output.

Why someone has to lead a deep life?

Human brains construct our worldview based on what we pay attention to. “Who you are, what you think, feel and do, what you love—is the sum of what you focus on”. Scientists have observed this phenomenon all the way down to the neurological level. They showed that many elderly people had rewired their brains to ignore the negative and savor the positive. Neurologically speaking, what we focus on have a great influence on our life. Embracing deep life will help someone to avoid distractions and concentrate on things that matter the most in his life. It will rewire his brain by strengthening the neural pathways that influence the skills he was focusing on. The more someone concentrates on developing a skill without distractions the better he becomes in that particular skill. Therefore, a focused brain, a better life.

And it’s never been a good time to put emphasis on developing this skill. Why I say so?

Like the Covid 19 spread in 2020, back in 1666, there was an outbreak of the black plague. Cambridge University was closed to stop its spread. A young student was sent back to Woolshtrope Manor, a family estate located 60 miles northwest of the school. He had a 1000-page commonplace notebook that he’d inherited from his stepfather. He decided to fill its pages with answers for many difficult series of mathematical questions. By doing so, he invented Calculus. His name was Isaac Newton. That’s what Newton did during his quarantine days. Not bad for a 23-year-old in his vacation.

I understand not everyone is Isaac Newton to invent calculus. But we all can improve something amid this pandemic.

Deep life divides our focused attention into four categories.

  • Community (family, friends, etc.),
  • Craft (Any skills or works)
  • Constitution (Health)
  • Contemplation (Matters of the soul)

Apart from being bombarded by all the digital distractions like social media, NetFlix, etc. try to embrace a deep philosophy to your life on the above four aspects of life. Train your brain to focus and concentrate on any competitive skills without frequent tendency to look into your phones. By doing so during your quarantine time, you will have an opportunity to rewire your brain from a distracted neural state to a more focused one. As I said earlier deep life is a skill to be learned. It’s a daily ritual to embrace focus and avoid distractions.

I guarantee that whatever skills you learn or whatever the improvements your make in these days will be rare and valuable in the post-pandemic economy.

So I like to ask you, here you’re among 7 billion people, alive during an extinction-level of events and what are you going to do about it?

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels