Focus,Value and Mona Lisa’s Social Media

I have been pretty much experimenting my online presence so far. It’s almost an year now that I had these thoughts of curating a good social media or online presence. But after all those experiments I learned that both social media presence and online presence can be completely different!

I quit social media at the end of 2017 and started my blog here. But after a successful isolation from social media distractions I again went back to create a Facebook page and all other social media platforms out there, just to increase my blog traffic. To be honest that wasn’t just a ludicrous effort but also completely exhausted my blog activities.

Since I’m a college student the time and attention span I have is very much limited to comprise everything I wanted to do. Even my thought about writing a post every single day was good, but wasn’t practical considering the time and attention I’m left with everyday. This is a mistake most people do. It begins from making a to-do list for a day unaware of the time and tasks they are left with for that particular day. Just like the case of making a productivity schedule pretty much everyone have adapted it to their online presence.

I hoped, making a social presence would help the popularity of my blog. It’s true that few people got to know about my blog through my Facebook page.
But the question I later faced was this-“why in the world I do have a Facebook page for my blog, if I don’t spend the time and focus for writing the blog?” That diminished productivity was evident from my blog statistics. I started to write less number of articles and finally I didn’t write any for almost two months. My blog views reduced and I even started not to take care of it. Surprisingly, I still had a Facebook page for the blog!

The reason I stopped writing was for the following two reasons

  • I didn’t get the time to spend my focus on writing valuable articles
  • The limited attention span I had for my college activities and blog was again divided for improving my social media presence.

Finally I deleted the Facebook page and recaptured my lost attention and focus for my blog.

This life experiment( I consider it like that ) made me clear that not everything matters in life.

There are things that matter the most and things that matter less.

It’s blogging and writing articles that made me rare and valuable among the people I know. It is a remarkable work. But having a social media account wasn’t something rare. There are billions of people who are on social media. A five year old kid with a smartphone could do that. But I am a grown up man and wanted to decide what controls my work and the value I produce to the world.

There is a blog post by Seth Godin which sums up my argument here.

“The Mona Lisa has a huge social media presence. Her picture is everywhere. But she doesn’t tweet. She’s big on social media because she’s an icon, but she’s not an icon because she’s big on social media.”

Even the greatest business brands who post their products on Instagram are popular not because they do so, nonetheless it’s the quality and value those products deliver to the customers which actually matters. Simply, I don’t have to spend an hour thinking about which tie I should wear before the speech, since it’s the speech that matters the most and not the tie.

But If you lack a good speech to deliver then you should spend time on choosing a nice looking tie. May be it can cover most of your shallowness. Since most young people like me who are born right into the hands of Facebook, haven’t yet realized the specialness we have even without being on it. Surprisingly this is what social media have taught us- i.e to correct your information asymmetry, you should be on social media!

(Photo by Free-Photos )