The Pressure And Passion Trap At The Age Of 20

First of all I will turn 20 on 8th of the next month(For the friend who asked when is my birthday).
Ahem, it’s sort of an achievement! Completing 20 years and don’t know whether I could travel a long road.
But I have faith and I am truly optimistic about my coming days(I have to be anyway!).
I am very young and vibrant in my physique and most importantly in my thought and mindset as well.
There is a long road ahead but to be honest I don’t feel pressured about how I would end up with things.
But there is some sort of confusions that exist. Anyway, one day everything becomes clear and it’s a necessity.
So I am not worried about worrying about it!(None taken).
But What I know for sure is, what should be the end and where I should reach.
My point is, I felt that there are some common traps that people fall, when approaching life at the age of 20. This post is not an advice but it just what I learned from my own experience.
This is an attitude that I would like to share with my fellow friends out there.
I like to share it with my own experience and how much I felt such an attitude is great.
The attitude comprises two common traps that young men like me may fall into.
The pressure trap and passion trap.

The Pressure and Passion Trap

After starting this blog, what many people asked me were the following

  • What are some of the ways(easy) to make some pocket cash from online?
  • I wanted to start a similar website or a YouTube channel, how can I do that?
  • Tell me some ways in which I can also make something different?

The answer to the first question is not just a single one.
There are plenty of ways in which someone can make money through online business.
But the problem is, it takes good effort and time to make some big cash.
The online business is like the more time you spend the more cash-flow it produces.
Since, most of the people who asked me this question was college students who may not have enough time to do online business along with graduate studies, the answer is freelancing.
There are so much of freelance websites available and you can outsource any skills you have to for limited money for a decent income. I recommend freelance work if you are not going all-in.
But like any product business, it too have a build up time and it take some time to land your first job.

The answer to second question is a bit complex.
I won’t recommend starting a blog or a YouTube channel to make money quickly.
Blogging or producing content on YouTube is a process and it may take upto many years(incase of blogs) to make at least a decent income.
Right now, I don’t even earn anything. The google ads you are seeing only works great if a good amount of people click on them and make any actual business with the ad. Also, I only receive the money until it reaches $100 in my adsense account which is less than a dollar at this moment.
The third question is the one I am particularly interested in this post-figuring out something and making a difference.
The idea of making a difference and finding a purpose is great and it should be what every individual and organizations should do in the new economy.
But the idea that, one day you sit back on your couch and you start thinking about your niche and suddenly you figure out something which you are passionate about, so you start doing it, is complete nonsense.
Thinking about making a difference is great and unique but it should not create a pressure situation for the young men.
Struggling to figure out your passion so you can pour your motivation eternally is also nonsense.
No one was able to figure out their passion before they stated out.
No everyone knew what to start and how to do things.
But what all they had in mind was how should they end up.
I have argued about this passion trap in a previous article. Check that out here to find some interesting case studies about follow your passion model.

My Story

Almost 6 months ago, I didn’t had any knowledge about how websites are created or designed.
I could hardly write a single HTML code without any mistake.
I didn’t even know much HTML or CSS tags.
But what I had in my mind was, I have heard before web development is a skill and it can generate some side incomes.
That’s all I knew!
I wasn’t passionate about making websites.
To be honest, I don’t even liked it at the beginning stages.
I had pretty hard time even in creating some simple title bars and divisions using div tags.
But I deliberately continued playing around with it.
I started creating simple HTML pages with some CSS tags added. When I became good at it,I went for JavaScript and JQuery.
Now I know almost enough things to create any decent looking websites. Right now my focus is on learning some back-end languages.
On that path of learning to make websites I had to come across WordPress also.
Since I was good at reading self help and writing something, I decided to start a blog.
Now it turns out that my passion is also building over my blogging skills.
Since I write everyday, it’s really helping to build that passion quickly.

Missing a North Star

As you can find, at beginning of my journey I too missed a north star to follow.
Since I wasn’t sure what to do or where to turn, I just began to pursue challenges and went for some “learning zones” in whatever I was interested in.
Chris Guillebeau in one of his popular blog post says,

Finding your passion or purpose doesn’t have much to do with age, but experience matters. And because experience comes from active choices, go get some experience!
Do keep searching, but don’t feel so much pressure. It will come if you let it.

(Photo by Vera Arsic)