The King Of Your Own Kingdom- A Weekend Thought

This is the weekend thought!
The Great Restructuring is happening and it is true.
It is a revolution.
A revolution that never happened before.
Everyone with a few money to pay for an internet plan and a screen to serve that, can connect to a half of the people around the world, any time they want to.
We live in an era where we each have a great leverage and great platform that no human ever had before.
Despite what media spreads, the world is not in a sorry state.
There is so much out there to look forward to.
The state isn’t sorry and the state is wide open…
The opportunities are vast.
The question the masses are asking is, isn’t this a right time?
The counter question is- if not, then when?
We wait for things to calm down and we wait for the right moment.
But this is the right moment.
It’s all about the choices. The choices that we make every day, and sometimes in the next day we remake the choice of today.
It’s never too late to choose to be optimistic, to act and to become excellent.
The beautiful thing is that it only takes a single moment — just a second — to decide, to act.
Henry ford created his empire of cars when there were no roads to drive them.
Gutenberg started the world’s first printing press when most people were illiterate to read.
No one who made the difference waited for the right time.
They chose a moment and that was the right moment.
Being someone to inspire, people could connect with, someone to lead, someone to transform the system, someone to have an idea to share.
Responsibility and leadership is often just lying around, and they are always waiting for someone to pick them up.

As the new connection economy rises,
before you finish reading this paragraph, you have everything you need to change everything. And you are already enough. And you can do that by asking yourself (and your colleagues) the one question that every organization and every individual needs to ask in this connection economy:
Why not choose to be great?
Why not choose to be the king of your own kingdom?

(Photo by Mikes Photos)