The Next Big Thing Myth.
Waiting For the Right Idea

As usual, some of my friends didn’t agree with the idea in my previous post. The part were people had the disagreement was when I said – you might fail if you are looking to build the next facebook or google. They justified their arguments by sending me the counter examples of some shopping brands and conglomerates who were successful after the tech giants. Anyway it really helped me to figure out a big myth the young people like me who grew up in a time when platform monopolies like Facebook or google were so dominant that they seemed inextricably intertwined into the fabric of the internet..
I like to call this myth as the “Next Big Thing Myth”.

Waiting for the idea!

Most people like to come up with a world changing idea and make that idea into a world class business. But the irony is that, no one knew their business or an idea is going to be the next big thing! Even Zuckerberg’s facebook started out as the facebook which was first built as a very basic website for the college students from different universities in Europe and America to socialize each other online.
When Zuckerberg first launched the facebook, myspace and friendster were popular among the students. But what made facebook to top over them was, facebook has more personalized interface and sharing options for the college students. There were no significant competitions for the facebook at those times and later they opened the facebook for the public as just facebook in 2006.
The culture at those times and how the market behaved had great effect for the growth of facebook and even for the idea of facebook!
It’s extremely difficult to say, Zuckerberg would have been successful if he launched facebook in 2018 and he may have launched a different product.( May be, we will be using another kind of facebook started by someone else).

Not just with facebook, these thoughts are applicable to every versatile people or companies who created great products or ideas in our history.
Starting with Leonardo da Vinci to Steve Jobs, it’s true!
If Steve Jobs were born 20 years ago, he would have built any other thing!
Definitely not the Apple!
No angel come down to those visionaries and said ‘you got to make Apple phones or to paint that Monalisa!
But what they did was they never waited to carefully create a great world class art or company.
Zuckerberg built a small website and later it became a internet monopoly as facebook.
This is exactly were most people fail when it comes to creating an idea.
They often believe their idea is not great enough if it’s not like google, amazon or facebook.
Everyone waits for the right answer, the right idea.
They wait,wait and wait…

There is no right idea and stop waiting for one!

This isn’t about the right answer. Because there is no right answer. There are challenges we can experience and emotions we can sign up for.

It’s all about seeking out engagements in our life and making experiences.
Imagine you are in that city park, and near a merry go round. If you are waiting for the perfect horse to come around in that carousel, you missed two, three, four horses in a single second while you were waiting! All the horses were just as good.
Waiting for the right time and great idea to not to make any mistake is the biggest mistake!

Small or big idea? Which one counts?

As we are the young people who are inextricably intertwined into the fabric of the internet, it’s really important to understand the following.

Your life doesn’t get more sensational when you have more followers on twitter or more friends on facebook! That’s not what you ought to be keeping score of.

There are people out there who run non-profit companies like Khan Academy where you can learn college subjects for free online and there is Udacity which is a for-profit company where you can learn to make a self driving car online by paying money!
Both of them are great projects and businesses. One may be small and the other is big.
But the owners of both the companies will be having equal amount of satisfaction, because bigger isn’t the point and more isn’t the point!
Ask the following questions whenever you come up with an idea.
Does the interaction you are making with world make a trail that you are proud of?
Does this interaction make you glad that you did it and you want to do it again?
If you say yes to both the above questions, then go and ship your idea since nothing happens in the real world unless you don’t execute your idea.
Go and make a difference you want to see in this world.
Do the work and stop waiting.

(Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas)