The Game Has Changed!
Getting Ahead of The New Economy!

connection economy

I ended up the previous article by saying connection and trust are the new winning strategies for life and business. There is so much more to say about it since there is a new economy which is building up on the grounds of connection. Anything and everything you need to know to be successful and be a winner in this economy is to understand the working of this new economy. These are the powerful ideas that can help you, if you want to get ahead of the game! So you won’t regret, you should have known these things before you started out!

The Industrial Age Has Ended!

First thing you need to know is, the factory age has ended! Even if you are planning to build a factory to produce goods for the masses, I can tell you that you might fail.
The factory or the industrial economy has ended.
Industrial age after it’s reign for 150 years is shattering now!
Once, humans were exploited inside those factories in the colonies to make more stuff.
They were made to work,work and work until they burn out their body and mind.
Human history has witnessed physical labor being exploited in the most inhuman way.
It is from the factories that humans learnt about obedience. To obey the owners. If you obey them more you will be rewarded more! That was the principle. They had extreme abundance of resources. So the owners felt like they need to produce more stuffs. To produce more stuff, they needed more workers. Not just workers, but the workers who obey and fit into the system. So they put children into the factories. But that wasn’t easy. Later they found out, to make someone fit into the system, they need to be taught about being disciplined and obedient.
That’s how schools were born!
If you check the history books you will learn that schools were started after factories were built.
They taught the children, if they want to be rewarded they need to obey and do what they told.
They are trained to sit still for 10 hours with a paper and pencil and follow the instructions!
Finally the industrialists made more workers out of the public schools who would fit like a cog in the system and does what they are told to do.
Don’t misunderstand that, it just happened for those kids of the factory workers.
It continued along with the growth of industrial age and trained you from the age of three to act like a cog and that’s how you got an A in the high school and got admitted to a famous college.
First thing to understand as this industrial age is shattering now is, schools and colleges are SCAMS(unless it won’t make you to fit into the system)!
But as I said earlier, there is a new economy rising as the industrial age is shattering!
That is the connection economy!
An economy where you can decide your own purpose!

The Connection Economy

Everyone is connected more than ever before after the internet has happened!
It made the decline of factory age as everything became abundant and more available.
Factory age or the industrial age produced goods as much as they can and people also bought the stuffs as much as they can. Right now, people have more than what they wanted. There are many industries which produces a television.
There are many industries which produces a smart phone.
There are many industries which produces potato chips.
There are many industries which produces chocolate.
There are many industries which produces clothing.
And we have the google,amazon,apple and facebook!
The list goes on….
But the problem is we have this infinite number of options for each item and we have a very limited time to decide which one to choose.
There are hundreds of shopping sites but we choose the first one that appear on a search result.
So, if you are thinking to start a business to be the next amazon or the next google, you are going to fail!
It’s too late for you!
It’s too late for you to start a business for the masses
People have started such businesses before you and more than that the masses don’t even need you to be on the list!
Industrial age produced abundant stuffs for the masses and they have more than enough of everything!

We have branded ourselves to death. You can’t build an important new brand, new company, new non-profit, the old way.

But still there is something great you can do to be the winner as the industrial age is shattering.
That is to find your path by going unconventional and find your tribe!

The Tribe!

Start a business that is not for the everyone! But just for your tribe.
Your own category of people who would like to buy from you, who would feel great about themselves by doing business with you.Like the Apple did. Apple phones are not for everyone. It’s for the some category of people who would value security and luxury than the use cases. That’s how Apple became remarkable and indispensable. That’s also the place where facebook fails, to be remarkable and indispensable.
Like I do with the my blog!
My blog posts are not for everyone. These posts are for those category of people who would like to lead a meaningful and productive life by being remarkable! Like I said in a previous post, I don’t care if someone say they don’t like my blog. What I believe is, they are not my tribe and they don’t belong to me!
Some speakers feel desperate if a single guy sitting in a corner is not listening as he is speaking! But what they never understand is that, what they speak, is for that someone who is leaning towards himas he is speaking. That’s his category of people. His tribe!

Let’s build your tribe!


The first pillar of connection revolution is co-ordination.
Bring value to people to connect them each other.
Lead and co-ordinate your people who value what you have to say to them.
Bring your tribe together so they can connect each other!


Make yourself a trustful person for some people.
So that, they spread the words and you will make a business with a shake hand to a stranger and do buy from you without a second question!


This is the one I do with my blog. I do blogging everyday. So that I gain permission from people to talk with them since they take me for granted.
It’s the part where you make a legacy and become remarkable so they don’t ask who you are when you meet a stranger.

Exchange of Ideas

All of us are smarter than any of us!

Exchanging ideas is the best way to find your tribe.
Giving an opportunity for your tribe to learn from each other than from someone outside your tribe.
Just like you will learn in a better way from your friends than from your professor!

Art and Generosity

Time for the selfish has ended as the industrial age has ended.
Unless you don’t produce a generous product, people don’t buy from you!
No one wants to connect to a selfish person who will always take, and art because it is the human act of choosing to connect, choosing to do something for the first time that might not work. When we touch someone generously, we are making art.
Despite the popular belief, the truth is no one ever became a bankrupt by being generous at what they produce.

Go and connect with you tribe. That’s how you get ahead of this connection economy!

“your job is to find the right tribe, connect and create a culture of being that tribe. There are disconnected people out there in business who are waiting for you to show up.” – Seth Godin