Why I Blog Every Single Day?
Why You Should Too?

blogging every day

Back in this month I published a small ebook on why everyone should start a blog.
Well, it never talks about those usual reasons to start a blog which you can find within a google search. It was some 10 indispensable reasons I proposed in that short ebook. That’s why I phrased the ebook title as 10 unconventional reasons. Some of my friends in college told me the book has a pretty good philosophical standard in its writing and those 10 reasons where comparisons with social media and a normal blog.
It differentiates your blog by telling blogging is more of a remarkable work than clicking on a like button on social media. But I written the book when I wasn’t blogging much here. I also considered writing that book as a mean to consolidate my philosophical principles about blogging.
But right now since I am posting everyday, I arrived at some more ideas.

I think they are different and actionable ideas than my whole 10 reasons in the ebook( well, it’s still has many valid points to share) for the people reading my blog. So, here are they!

The Reasons Why I Post Everyday?

Again some of my friends told me you should have a blogging habit and post every weekend. I really liked his suggestion but my response was I would post every single day. It surprised him anyway and its normal because it is really unconventional for someone to post every single day!

Why I am blogging everyday?

I believe, starting a blog would turns out to be one of the greatest career decisions I would ever make in my life.
Even with this short span of time after purchasing the domain in march, I can experience the changes in the quality of my thoughts and how I conceive the ideas around me.
The first decision I took after posting some articles was,

Even if no one reads my blog, I would post every single day!

I believe everyone should do so!
By posting every single day I am building a discipline that stand out in the long run.
A legacy that find it’s place in time.
Tomorrow or some day in the future, I can foresee, I would have to say something about what I noticed yesterday.
Something that went through this world where I am living.
Something that affects my career.
Something that interrupted the life of the people whom I care about.
Something that helps someone else.
At least something that concerns my family, my kids.
Each blog post will be my opinion on something that might stand test in time.
I am forming opinion on those things.
I am inventing that idea.
Moreover, I am focusing and not distracted to things that doesn’t matter.
My niche is all about things that matter most in life and produce value.
That’s the only thing that I concern and I let my attention over that only and not on a dystopia of clicking an ad notification or a WhatsApp chat notification.

The Legacy

Here is my legacy I would leave behind

Day after, day after day I would leave behind a trail of thoughtful examination of my world and an idea for others to get inspired and follow!

The Jackpot is connection and trust

Building connection is the future business as well as life strategy.
Some people who cares you, who values your work, who won’t hesitate to buy from you, who trust you in what you are delivering. At the end trust and connection is what we need in our life and career.
If people read my blog and trust me, it a jackpot!
My goal with this blog is not to get more readers or more people to care what I write.

My goal is to get trusted in a way, I can make a difference or a change that I would like see in this world, which is to help people do things that matter and lead a meaningful life to make a difference!

The return is trust!
I am gaining a permission to talk to people in a way that, they are also interested in what I want to say.
I don’t do much SEO or pay for advertisements on social medias to do that!
Right now, I just share what I have posted to my email list and also share a link my post in my social media accounts.
I am very much fortunate that, there are some friends who share that link and spread the words about my blog.
I am extremely thankful to them and it is adding up a trust and connection with those guys.
I can say I have some people who would come and show up for me.
These are the reasons why I post everyday.
I still don’t understand why other people are not still starting a blog!

PS: People asked me how can you write everyday. Well, for me personally I can talk about things. I would never wake up on a morning and be like “oh god, I cannot talk anymore!”. Nobody gets a talker’s block. So if you write like you talk there is no so called writer’s block.
That’s my strategy. I write like I talk. I follow some other great visionaries out there in internet and if they have a thought that interests me and concerns my niche, I share it here. There is no problem even if it is an idea of someone else, because there is always a need to spread more of something on somewhere! Also, I try to read a book every day for at least half an hour which help me to plant an idea. Then I think about it and let it to grow in my mind palace and at the end of the day I share the fruit of that idea over here!

After you’ve written the best memo/blog post/novel/screenplay you can possibly imagine writing, after you’ve contributed your pithiest insight or gone on your best blind date…

and it still hasn’t worked…

You really have no choice but to do it again. To do your best work again, as impossible and unfair as that seems.

It compounds over time. – Seth Godin

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