Is Facebook Approaching a Choke Point? The Fate of Facebook


A small note about the day I put a face in the book!

I still remember when I first joined on facebook. It was on that Saturday afternoon almost 4 years ago. I happened to come across the facebook sign up page most often in a browser of my old Samsung phone. So on that afternoon I just signed up on facebook out of curiosity. I didn’t had any idea about what facebook was. But I just gave a try. For the next week, I was like on top of this world as I am connecting with many people who were my friends in school and neighborhood. Facebook gave me many friend suggestions. I accepted those suggestions and send request to many people even the people who were extreme strangers. Within two weeks I had more than a hundred friends on facebook.

That was an old story of a schoolboy who somehow happened to be me! Right now I feel sorry for him, because he was just like the other kids who thought facebook was the future invention and he was becoming a part of that future technology.

Facebook’s recent huge stock crash: Is it witnessing a weakness?

Last week, facebook witnessed a very low quarter earnings and warned it’s investors to expect a diminished growth. Facebook’s stocks fell 19% wiping out over $120 billion in market capitalization. The surprise is no such publicly traded US company ever lost such a huge amount of dollars on a single day.
But many market watchers and business journalists out there still agree that, the tech giant is strong as ever it was. Business columnist Farhad Manjoo wrote an optimistic piece for the New York Times titled, “Stumbles? What Stumbles? Big Tech Is as Strong as Ever.” As Manjoo writes:

“here is something deeply incongruous at the heart of the supposed ‘techlash’: It is not really making a huge dent in the tech giants’ financial performance.”

Talking about the recent price plunge of facebook Manjoo’ response is

“In a strange way, the social network’s troubles only underscored its dominance…Pretty much everyone who studies Facebook believes that it will hold its grip on the culture and the advertising industry for the foreseeable future.”

But it’s not the truth about facebook’s future.
Because facebook is not an indispensable technology.
Unlike google if facebook stops it’s service one day, people are not going to suffer significantly. Many people even consider life is still okay without facebook(From my own experience I quit facebook for 8 months and nothing worse happened. Moreover it was a better experience!)
If google shuts down for a moment the world will stop. That’s a truth!
If amazon shuts down, people will suffer significantly because they need stuffs to consume.
If apple shuts down, the story is the same.
But if facebook shuts down, some may be in trouble but there are further alternative platforms for people to have some entertainment! So people won’t significantly.
Most facebook users are just mildly positive about facebook and don’t have an opinion of a great user experience.
Unlike other tech giants, facebook’s users are not a trustful group that facebook can rely always. If all those billions of people decides to quit facebook(#deletefacebook was a recent glimpse of it), facebook will witness it’s death within a day!
But there is no chance for people to quit google, apple or amazon. You see the difference here.
Facebook has the odd business plan among the tech giants of our planet.
When instagram or whatsapp witnessed a growth beyond facebook, facebook took over them.
Now they are managing all of them together, which is making a conflict.
Nobody prefers facebook messenger beyond the instant chat applications like whatsapp or snapchat.
It’s evident to see facebook’s confusion to coordinate and specify the use for each of it’s take over.
Facebook is struggling to make money out of these confusions. The late rumor is

In the coming days the whatsapp users will be witnessing facebook ads in their chats!

Facebook was always copying google!

As jaron Lanier said in You are not a gadget, facebook hasn’t found a new business plan yet. So far it was copying Google’s advertising schemes with some online games thrown in. There can be so much advertising these days, so if facebook can’t develop and alternate and broader business model, it will have to steal from google. It’s not easy for facebook since Google is tough to play with. So the choke point of facebook is almost near.
Facebook is not a technology forever, as of now.

It’s a shoulder shrug for the users!

More people are onto instagram these days. One friend told me he doesn’t prefer to use facebook these days But uses instagram more often than facebook.
One of my best friends out there posted a profile picture on whatsapp which says “I disappear and I do that often!
When I asked about such a picture he just gave shoulder shrug emoji as a reply.
That’s it. Users bother to take a break from these apps.
Surprisingly facebook is built around such billions of users who may disappear on any day,any moment!

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