Yesterday was a Fact, Tomorrow is a Myth But Today is the Truth.


In the previous post I just conveyed the thought of why you should spend time for yourself.We found some reasons why regular doses of solitude is vital in our daily life. I also asked you the Brad Pitt’s question -How’s that working out for you?

I hope you may have arrived at an answer, if not take your time to sit back and think about it in depth. The reason, why it is the first thing to do is, every sort of effective change begins with a decision.

You may be thinking that I have made several decisions during different stages of my life whenever I felt for a change but none of them worked out. I always slipped back.
There are two reasons why a slip back happens.

1.Not taking decisions at an emotional level.

Many of us think like this-
I should do that from tomorrow onwards.
I should have done that before.
I should wake up early.
I should change my attitude.
I should, I should…..
Unsurprisingly none of the above doesn’t actually make any kind of impact in our life.
Because you are not taking any decisions at an emotional level.
It is the decisions that are taken at an emotional level actually sustain in the long term.
So what is the difference?
Whenever you take a decision at an emotional level you never do the ‘shoulding’ part.
You will always be ‘musting’.

I must do that from today onwards.
I must have done that before.
I must wake up early.
I must change my attitude.
I must, I must……

Whenever you are able to convert that ‘should’ to a ‘must’, then you have completed the half of the race track.

2.Not taking the ownership of today

You may have noticed the title of this article by now.
Today is the only truth you have.
Right now you may be dreaming about how you are going to accomplish your dreams and how much you will change and feel your moments in the future.
Yes, hope is a greatest thing to possess, may be the only thing that drives a man to keep moving forward.
I also watched the movie Shawshank Redemption, so I know that stuff and how powerful it actually is.
But, I also like to ask you one simple question.
If you don’t take the complete ownership of your present, why in the world you are thinking about ‘hope’ ?

“Future is sum of ‘todays’ “

You never own a yesterday. Yesterday you felt like a ‘today’.
Today, you are thinking about tomorrow.
But tomorrow you are going to feel that day like a ‘today’.

Take ownership of your today.
Forget about yesterday.
Forget about Tomorrow.
Own your present and make it worth for a great tomorrow and a great yesterday.

(Photo by Andrii Nikolaienko)