How’s That Working Out For You?

It was literally a few weeks ago that I wrote my first blog post to welcome you guys to my blog. But I know it really took a while to write this post which is the second one. You may ask me why?
Well, I took my time to actually decide my niche for this blog and to determine my intentions of running this blog. In those past weeks I jot down many thoughts and intentions in my bullet journal.
So, let’s here are the reasons that I finally concluded-

  • To discuss about how it is like to live a ‘meaningful’ and ‘productive’ life and career in an increasingly distracted digital age.
  • To develop an eye for meaningful things.
  • Building healthier life habits.
  • Become a better writer and an influencer among the people around me.
  • To meet new people and build a meaningful community with a social cause.
  • To live an intentional and inspiring life.
  • To build a personal journal in the long term.
  • Build a platform to share the joy we have experienced and recommend the good things we found for our friends and family.

Let’s Listen to Brad Pitt !!

By this time some of you may have recognised the main heading I have given for this article.
Its a very interesting and somehow a thought provoking dialogue delivered by the famous Tyler Durden, amazingly enacted by Brad Pitt in the 1999 movie Fight Club.
(You guessed right, It is one of my favourite)
In the past week when I was looking for a good introduction topic to discuss in our blog I accidently come across this dialogue and it is an important question too, isn’t it?
If not or yes, I really like to begin our journey towards a meaningful life by asking that question to ourselves.
Let’s redesign the movie scene first.

Durden: “How’s that working out for you?

You: What?

Durden: Yeah, being what you are right now.

(Moment of silence)

Take a moment to really think about it or you can also spend a day to think about it.
Felt good, okay right then. If not please continue reading.

Distraction as a Proxy

The issue with most of us right now is, we are more and more connected and distracted, so that even if we want to spend time for ourselves or to solve our own mysteries, mental chattering or just to spend some time alone with our family we are unable to perform those!
But the irony is we are actually compelled by a system to spend more or enough time for people around us may be complete strangers on facebook!
Again, how’s that working out for you?
Sometimes we even take decisions to take a break from these distractions.
Please don’t confuse that I am talking about being anti social or whatever you name it.
I am talking about a most powerful tool from human psychology studies which we can use to become more meaningfully social!
That is solitude.
Lead yourself first by Michael S. Erwin and Raymond Kethledge is an Amazon best seller which discuss about developing leadership through the power of solitude!
Solitude is discussed here not in the sense of being physically alone.
But it means to be isolated from the inputs of other minds!

Why Solitude?

Some key points that caught my attention by reading some reviews of the book are

  • Regular doses of solitude are essentially important for the effective function of human brain.
  • It is crucial in processing complex human emotions.
  • It is the only time where we build our life and character!.
  • It is only time for us to build creative insights and crack complex problems.
  • If we don’t spend time in solitude on a regular basis it makes our brain fragile and less productive in nature.

We will discuss more about the topic of solitude and how we can actually use it to strengthen our social life in the future posts. I will also be introducing many tools that we can really make use of to lead a meaningful and productive life and career.
So, take a moment to think about the times you spend in solitude(I don’t mean checking your browser and facebook feed in solitude! ) and ask yourself how’s that working out for you.

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