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Happy Birthday Christopher Nolan : A Lesson to Learn From Nolan

For the past few days I have been hanging around in social media to help my friends know my blog. It is really embarrassing experience to use social media again. I have been seriously figuring out some productive and efficient ways of using these tools, since I know for sure that unless I don’t intentionally figure out a purpose for using them, It will redo my efforts for the past 8 months(those calm and focused days where It was me and myself only). I have been strategically planning on what time to switch to such tools and how long I…

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Transgressing Meaning, Productivity and Focus

In the previous few posts we were discussing about some stepping stones to get started on our journey towards a meaningful and productive life. It may be quite confusing why I stress what meaningful and productivity really means. Isn’t productive life a meaningful one? Or, isn’t a meaningful life a productive one? So, in this article we will be discussing how both a meaningful and a productive life are interconnected! I’ll also be introducing something I call as ‘Focused life’ at the end. Things that matters most When I started out on this journey a few months back to ‘reinvent…

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Leverage Points

I recently read some theories which I can find some similarities with my next level of Life Hack tool i.e creating leverage points in our life. How Attention Influences Life’s Outcomes- A Theory from Rapt One of the highly influential theories is from the 2009 book Rapt by the science writer Winifred Gallagher. I felt the book is pretty much underrated. Why I say so is Gallagher was highly successful in formulating an idea from her own life experience that blows one of our understandings about human psychology. Gallagher got diagnosed by cancer-“not just cancer”, as she explains, “but a…


‘Do Not’ Follow- “Follow Your Passion”

Some of you may have quite embarrassed by the title of this article. Many of you might have heard and felt true about this mantra- “follow your passion” even if you may not actually be following it.Surprisingly it is a very blind solipsism.Why I say so is that, if you really do some case studies of highly successful people around us, you find ‘following your passion’ is absolutely nonsense. Following Your Passion and Following Your Heart 29 million people watched Steve Jobs’s commencement address on YouTube as of today’s YouTube statistics.Thousands of people shared it and the speech itself became…


Yesterday was a Fact, Tomorrow is a Myth But Today is the Truth.

In the previous post I just conveyed the thought of why you should spend time for yourself.We found some reasons why regular doses of solitude is vital in our daily life. I also asked you the Brad Pitt’s question -How’s that working out for you? I hope you may have arrived at an answer, if not take your time to sit back and think about it in depth. The reason, why it is the first thing to do is, every sort of effective change begins with a decision. You may be thinking that I have made several decisions during different…


How’s That Working Out For You?

It was literally a few weeks ago that I wrote my first blog post to welcome you guys to my blog. But I know it really took a while to write this post which is the second one. You may ask me why? Well, I took my time to actually decide my niche for this blog and to determine my intentions of running this blog. In those past weeks I jot down many thoughts and intentions in my bullet journal. So, let’s here are the reasons that I finally concluded- To discuss about how it is like to live a…